The 2018 Technology Innovator Awards- Best lone worker tracker solution


AMI has received a Technology Innovator Award for the third year running, this year for its lone worker tracking solution.

AMI Group have had a greatly productive year, developing our combined asset management and after theft solution Asset +, which offers complete device visibility through our online Nexis portal. As well as expanding its business internally, adding enthusiastic staff members to our team. Receiving accreditation for our other units truly drives home how we have expanded and developed during our 14 years of experience.

The ‘Guardian +’ unit that AMI has been recognised for is the perfect tracking solution for those who work alone or are particularly vulnerable, such as children and the elderly. Employees working in dangerous or isolated areas gain peace of mind using our device. With highly advanced GPS tracking (accurate to 2.5 metres) contact can be maintained with their colleagues at all times- the device also has SOS capabilities for emergencies. No larger than the size of a car key fob, the unit will not hinder performance in any way whilst still being an effective and sturdy device.

Unfortunately the Alzheimer’s society have projected that by 2025 there will be 1 million people suffering with dementia, this is a progressive disease that hinders brain function and can lead to confusion and wandering. The ‘Guardian +’ can readily assist with these situations using its GPS tracking. The unit also allows for reassuring vocal contact through the on-board speaker and it can be utilised to listen in to any ongoing audio, offering reassurance to concerned families and aiding any on-going investigations. This is also useful feature for cases of missing children.

Gary Stockton, CEO at AMI has said of the latest award “I’d like to thank CV magazine for recognising and rewarding us here at AMI for the third year running- we are very proud that even as a small company within the industry we are still continually recognised as industry leading developers. Ami offer the greatest battery life in the market and a specially developed in house platform visible via any web enabled device and our newly launched app. I am particularly enthusiastic about the abilities of our lone worker device, as a company we are especially passionate about safeguarding the vulnerable, additionally ensuring the safety of lone workers out in the field.”

“In conclusion it is a great start to 2018 and we hope to continue last year’s momentum in making exciting advancements. I hope that in receiving this award it will make all of our existing and prospective new clients see the benefits of the lone worker tracking device and how it can optimise their companies management and welfare.”











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