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Only 3 Days Left to Book Your Place so Register Now!

  The latest CEA Member Brexit Survey Said …….

“We just don’t know!” “What will it cost?” “Why doesn’t anyone in government tell us anything?”  “When will negotiations actually start to achieve anything?” “How will it affect my business?” “What are the consequences of a hard (no deal) Brexit?”

Just a few of the comments from members, highlighting that we are as much in the dark now as when Article 50 was triggered back in March.

CEA Members reported that: (responders were 76% SME and 24% above 250 employees):-

  •      84% are exporting
  •      90% are importing components
  •      86% thought Brexit would negatively affect their supply chain

But despite this

  •      Only 24% of companies asked have actually appointed a Brexit planner.

CEA Members thought that Brexit would mean:

  •      Trade tariffs and increased component / material input costs.
  •      Drop in export sales, higher in costs, higher wages, inflation.
  •      Increased paperwork, customs forms.
  •      Greater fluctuations in the non-domestic supply chain due to a weakness in sterling.
  •      More red tape leading to delays.
  •      Loss of influence in drafting standards.

The CEA’s Brexit Briefing II, to be held on 15 November at Old Trafford offers a diverse range of expert speakers who can offer their views on the likely outcomes – and how your company can navigate through the Brexit minefield and review both UK and international markets.

To view the outline programme please click here.

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