95% of up to 30mm punctures can be prevented with Air-Seal


Air-Seal Products tyre sealants can prevent up to 95% of all punctures up to 30mm and stop all rim, bead and other slow air leaks.

Air-Seal Products play a major solution to tyre management and have been well proven over the past seventeen years.  Our sealants are an essential part of all good tyre management programmes by providing a major contribution to tyre longevity and increased profitability.

Operational efficiency is improved by reducing costly downtime for idle machines and labour.  One single treatment can cost less than the full cost of one tyre repair.

Harry Ross, Transport Manager of Macleod Construction Ltd said:

“We have been using Air-Seal Products from 2005 to date and have been pleased with both the quality of products and service from the company.  As a construction firm, we work on a variety of sites and have found the use of Heavy Duty Tyre Sealant has reduced our puncture rate.  Reduced puncture rate is conducive to improved efficiency for our team of workers which is a priority.  In addition through use of Heavy Duty products we have seen increased tyre life which aids productivity on site and maximises tyre performance”

Air-Seal Products are based in Somerset and provides a unique range of eco friendly tyre sealant that is able to treat machinery and vehicles for both on and off road.


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