AMI recover stolen tools using ‘micro’ GPS tracking device


Tradespeople across the UK are losing thousands of pounds as advanced thieves target vans and storage containers for the expensive tools inside.  Data revealed that more than half of builders in the UK have been victims of tool theft.  AMI Group have identified this as a growing problem in the construction industry and believe that the company’s ‘award-winning’ solutions could help tackle tool theft.

AMI also reported that the theft of tools is critical to construction workers relationships with customers and has negatively affected their financial state. AMI’s R&D team utilised its smallest battery operated unit to store in small tools battery compartment.

AMI claim that the AT unit boasts exceptional recovery rates – with a staggering 100% of stolen equipment, installed with an AT Unit, have been recovered.

AMI say that the AT Unit is set to lead the battle against tool theft and reunite owners with their valuable work tools. Once the unit is fitted, owners will have access to the company’s AMI Nexis web based and app portal to establish the exact location of the tools.

About AMI the App

By talking to customers, AMI Group established that simply providing tracking devices with a map and reports, does not fulfil the objectives that the client wants to achieve. AMI Group has developed what it describes as a ‘high performing’ and easy to use app.

The updated and developed app provides AMI customers with more information – it’s also simple to manage and customers can locate their assets more efficiently while on the move.

Extensive research and customer feedback led AMI to the conclusion that adding features that are accessible wherever you are or whatever time of day will increase security further.  AMI noted that 90% of machines stolen were taken out of hours and the app helped customers with swift notification with more accessibility.


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