CEA Secretariat Contacts

Chief Executive: Rob Oliver rob.oliver@admin.co.uk
Director of Member Services: Tim Faithfull tim.faithfull@admin.co.uk
Director of Global Programmes: Joanna Oliver MBE joanna.oliver@admin.co.uk
Senior Technical Consultant:
Skills & Strategy Consultant: Philip Burgess philip.burgess@outlook.com
Market Information Manager: Paul Lyons paul.lyons@admin.co.uk
Membership Manager: Charlotte Hugill charlotte.hugill@admin.co.uk
Project Manager: Gill Stirk gill.stirk@admin.co.uk
ConstructionWorx Production Manager: Joanna Oliver MBE joanna.oliver@admin.co.uk
Press Officer: Louise Murphy louiseamurphy@aol.com
Accounts: Suzanne Hugill suzanne.hugill@admin.co.uk