Covid-19 Health and Safety guidelines for visits to third party premises


Now that the restrictions have begun to ease and we are able to enjoy some of life’s much-missed luxuries like haircuts and meeting friends for dinner at the pub, it may also mean that you or your staff are able to get out on the road again and hold business meetings on third party premises.

It is vital that we all act responsibly at this time and ensure everybody behaves in a covid-safe manner. To assist with this Lycetts Insurance Brokers have created two documents that may be of use to you, these can both be edited to fit your own requirements.

First – Health and Safety guidelines that can be used by you and issued to your employees detailing the measures that should be followed when visiting third-party premises. There are sections in this document that highlight the precautions that should be taken travelling to a site and also when on-site. It also covers PPE and who is classified as a vulnerable person.

Secondly – A questionnaire that should be completed ahead of any visit to a third-party premises. This enables you and your member of staff to be satisfied that the right precautions are in place ahead of a visit, avoiding any uncomfortable situations with staff members feeling unsafe upon arrival.

These documents can both be found HERE


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