DIT Russia continues to open business opportunities for UK companies


Investment potential and business opportunities offered by Krasnoyarsk region, situated in the heart of Russia.

Department for International Trade (DIT) webinar
Doing business in Russian regions – Krasnoyarsk

Monday 16 October 2017 at 11am (BST)


Join this webinar to hear more about the opportunities for UK companies in this fast-developing region.

Krasnoyarsk offers great business opportunities to companies working in:

  • global sports
  • advanced engineering
  • machine-building
  • metal processing
  • mining
  • oil, gas and other energy
  • transport and infrastructure

Krasnoyarsk territory is the 2nd largest territory in the Russian Federation. It’s anticipated that its capital, Krasnoyarsk City, will become a major Russian regional transport hub by 2025. The development plans include airport, rail, cargo and road infrastructure.

You’ll also hear about the opportunities provided by  the Winter Universiade, a major international student sporting event to be held in March 2019 in Krasnoyarsk City.

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Krasnoyarsk is the capital of Krasnoyarsk territory, the 2nd largest territorial entity of the Russian Federation covering 2366, 8 thousand sq km. According to the Federal programme, Krasnoyarsk is expected to become a regional Urals transport hub of Russia by 2025. The development plans include airport, rail, cargo and road infrastructure.

Krasnoyarsk will be hosting winter Universiade-2019, an international sporting event among students, taking place on 02 -12 March 2019 in Krasnoyarsk city, the capital of Krasnoyarsk territory.

Krasnoyarsk is also an industrial centre of Russia, offering great opportunities to the metal processing, colour metal development, aluminium production including downstream products, high pure oxide and catalysts manufacturers. It is a home for 3 major players in Russia: RUSAL, Nornikel and Krastsvetmet.

Krasnoyarsk offers great business opportunities across global sports, advanced engineering, machine-building, metal processing, mining, oil & gas, energy, transport and infrastructure areas to both SMEs and large companies, producing/manufacturing or supplying technology in the following sectors:

– advanced Engineering:

– construction materials manufacture (advanced technologies);

– conveyor manufacture construction for agriculture sector;

– grain storage and processing;

– construction of large logistics centre in the region;

– machine-building industry;

–  lightning for greenhouses

 – aluminium hydroxide and high pure oxide as well as catalysts production;

– mining: colour metal development, with a strong focus on nickel and platina;

–  Oil &Gas and Energy: equipment, technology and processing

– hydropower and solid fuel based electrical energy industry

– transport and infrastructure: passenger flow around Universiade 2019;Traffic organisation; In city traffic flow modelling; airport infrastructure, safety & security solutions, logistics;  bridge construction over Yenisey river

– global sports: UK transport experience in delivering global sporting events;

–  River vessels renovation;

– Universiade-2019:  licensing partners; English language training;  chronometry systems;  temporary infrastructure developers;


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