Horizon Europe needs a holistic approach for construction to build tomorrow’s smart & sustainable Europe


The representatives of the construction industry at European level call for a holistic approach in Horizon Europe, through a Co-programmed European Partnership on the Built Environment and Construction.

Delivering concluding remarks at a Bauma workshop, ECCREDI President, Sue Arundale, announced the publication of a joint paper and said: “The whole industry needs and wants to accelerate the digital transformation of the business, which will be critical to resolving the main societal challenges of Europe. This is why we need to build on the success of the current public private partnership under Horizon 2020 and we are pushing for a much needed change of focus, like the one outlined in the paper“.

Organised by CECE, the workshop involved representatives of different areas of the European Commission, all involved in the policy and innovation side of the construction sector. Public officials from DG Connect, DG Research, DG GROW and EASME presented and discussed with industry the key topic of R&D funding opportunities for construction at the European level. The timing, which coincides with the agreement and planning of the next European research fund, Horizon Europe, made the workshop the perfect occasion for the publication of the joint paper.

The construction sector welcomes the three-pillar approach proposed for Horizon Europe by the European Commission and in particular the important link between Global Challenges and Industrial Competitiveness as defined in Pillar 2 of the programme. The signatories believe that a holistic approach amongst the different clusters of this Pillar should be guaranteed by creating a Co-programmed European Partnership on the Built Environment and Construction. In particular, this holistic approach will allow co-ordination of the following clusters: Culture, creativity and inclusive society; Digital, Industry and Space; Climate, Energy and Mobility.

Moreover, the Co-programmed European Partnership on the Built Environment and Construction will ensure that strategic planning is thorough and effective and achieves the research and innovation missions of Pillar 2.

Finally, the signatories strongly believe that the Co-programmed European Partnership on the Built Environment and Construction will facilitate the creation of Digital Innovation Hubs with a specific focus on construction.

Concluding the workshop, CECE Secretary General and co-signatory of the joint paper, Riccardo Viaggi said: “Showing once again the strong collaboration between all actors of the construction industry at EU level, we are sure that our contribution today will not go unnoticed and we urge the decision makers that are outlining EU research policy for the next generation to take this into serious consideration“.


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