Intellectual Property: Getting it right overseas – Webinar


Department for International Trade (DIT) webinar
Intellectual Property: Getting it right overseas

Wednesday 29 November 2017 at 11am (GMT)

Intellectual property (IP) and protecting your rights abroad is vital for the international success of your business. Some of the world’s biggest companies have suffered a damaged reputation and loss of business through failing to exert their intellectual property power overseas. This webinar will help your company avoid these problems and follow best IP practice.

You’ll learn more about:

  • trade marks – what can be registered, the costs and the routes to
    international protection
  • patents – the requirements, and European and international filings
  • designs – registered and unregistered, costs and overseas protection
  • copyright – what it covers, who owns it and how to protect it

The session will help you:

  • identify your IP assets
  • protect your revenue and your reputation
  • ensure you’re not infringing on other’s intellectual property rights
  • understand the IP risks and opportunities in key global markets
  • Learn where to find trusted sources of information, get impartial advice and support, often for free

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