Trade Missions and Seminars

The CEA, in co-operation with UKTI, runs sector specific trade missions and seminars for construction and surface mining equipment, components, attachments and services to developing markets. Often a developing country’s wealth is based on the extractive industries, which in turn drive demand for infrastructure and housing development and improvement. Our sectoral missions access opportunities right along the supply chain from the development of the first mine, to the building of roads, railways, ports, dams and urban regeneration.

CEA Trade Missions comprise group and individual meetings with end users of equipment, distributors, contractors, mine operators and developers, banks, financial institutions and NGO funding bodies and government officials. The CEA assists you with visas, travel and accommodation, meetings and networking receptions.

CEA Seminars, usually combined with trade missions, put your company in front of an audience of potential customers. UK companies make individual presentations to delegates followed by a networking lunch and pre-arranged one to one meetings.  

Forthcoming Missions and Seminars

Forthcoming missions for 2015 are as follows:

  • Mongolia
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Guinea (subject to Ebola outbreak)

For further details, please contact Gill Stirk at