New Breaker Boom from RSP


RSP UK is thrilled to announce a world-first suction excavator that will transform the plant hire industry! 2021 will see the German-based manufacturer bring a new solution specifically to the UK market. The ‘Breaker Boom’ is uniquely designed to break ground alongside the internationally patented RSP Suction Excavator, allowing for a reduction in on-site footprint, saving time and money.

The current model is mounted on a Mercedes Arocs 5 3351 6×4 with double fan but is also available in other configurations. Lloyd Gardener, Director of RSP UK commented “this has been in the making for some time and we are so pleased to be able to offer this innovative solution to our customers.”

The new technology was developed in Germany but the idea originated from the UK team and is based on customer need and demand for the specialist technology. “The Breaker Boom is a true collaboration project which encompasses our business values; working with our customers to find the right solution,” said Charlie Gardener, Director of RSP. The ‘Breaker Boom’ boasts a combined; suction excavator, breaker and on-board compressor making it an ideal self-contained solution. Not only will it reduce plant hire costs but also increase on-site efficiency. It is an ideal solution for highly congested sites and areas as well as inner-city work.

Training on the new truck will be available from RSP UK at their dedicated training centre in Roxton. RSP is passionate about increasing industry safety standards to ensure that all operators are correctly using the new technology.


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