Register with the Department of International Trade’s Find-a-buyer


As part of DIT / GREAT support for SMEs, you may have come across this service that was launched last year called Find-a-buyer.  It is part of the GREAT campaign and is aimed at encouraging UK companies, particularly SMEs, to register their Trade Profile on this UK website so that International buyers can search for them.  This is part of the GREAT promotional effort overseas – grateful if you can encourage member companies to register.

DIT has set up a free digital service to directly promote your products and services to international buyers through an online profile.

 If you do not already have a company profile and wish to create one this will enable you to:

 1) highlight what your company does to buyers in a range of industries

2) get promoted around the world via DIT marketing campaigns, ambassadors and online

3) be contacted by international buyers wanting to find out more about your company, products and services

4) reassure prospective buyers that you are verified as a UK company

To create your profile, please go to enter your company name, and follow the registration process. Your profile will be published on

 You can also sign up for export opportunity alerts.


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