Service Centre

Recognising that CEA members may have in many areas of business where expert knowledge and skills are required, we have formed partnerships with a number of service providers to expand the range of services available for members.

In 2019, the CEA joined with The MPA Group, Candy Management Consultants, Your Export Department and Enigma Creative. These companies provide advice in areas as diverse as tax relief for R&D activity, standards for cyber security, health and safety, export assistance, Brexit planning and training, graphic design and publications.

To learn more about the help they can provide, please click on the links below. Discounts and special offers for CEA members include free company “health checks”.

Would your company like a free “health check” on Cyber Security and/or the latest Health and Safety standards ?

Candy Management Consultants Limited (CandyMC) provides help for CEA members on information security standards and the latest health and safety standards. The purpose is to work together to make the construction equipment industry a safer place to work. Members who are interested in these services, CandyMC will provide free “health checks” to assess their current situation. CEA members will receive discounted rates of 10% on any further work that is necessary to meet the standards. Candy MC have worked with other trade associations in the past, including the National Federation of Builders.

Contact: Candy Management Consultants Limited: website: tel: +44 (0)161 4707929 e-mail

Does your company claim for tax relief on Research & Development activity ?

The MPA Group provides help and advice for CEA members on claiming tax relief on their R&D activity. Currently only one in four eligible companies claim the tax relief that is available to them, as they don’t see themselves as undertaking work that can be classified as R&D activity. For example, the HMRC definition includes spending time and money on overcoming technical uncertainties. The initial consultation will be free of charge to CEA members.

Contact: Tony Cassidy, web:,  e-mail:,  tel: +44 (0)7732 604764.

Need a rebrand or assistance with the design of product literature?

Enigma has been responsible for the rebranding of the CEA marketing material, redevelopment of the CEA website, design of the Construction Worx magazine and graphics and promotional materials for conferences and overseas exhibitions. Enigma are ready to help your company with branding, design of promotional material, publications and advert design for magazines.  CEA members receive a 10% discount off advert design for Construction Worx and a free marketing audit.

Contact: Enigma Creative MD, Lee Stirk, web:, email:,+44 (0)1609 617117.

Assisting Exporters navigate the complexities of international trade and the consequences of Brexit.

Your Export Department offers a full service export department giving help and advice on all aspects of getting your product to market. Additional services include: export training, Brexit planning, international trade training, freight and logistics, letters of credit, trade mark protection and translations.

Contact Your Export Department MD, Jim Fanshawe, web:, e-mail, tel: +44 (0)1394 802046