Super tool Carrier with optional wireless remote control from Elobau


By Bart Driessen (translated from Dutch)

A nice spin-off of Dutch agricultural exports is the development of machines for the green sector. It is an enormous market, including contractors and landscapers, who use these machines for diverse purposes. For this type of company, Diverto in Goes has built a tractor that can be widely used, the Diverto QS100. Users can than choose, and use the QS100 as an excavator, wheel loader, tractor and mowing arm; And when required remotely.

The Netherlands may be number one worldwide as an exporter of agricultural products, there are not many Dutch tractors so far. Major international brands dominate the market, while we are seeing more and more companies on the roads that would like to work with tractors. Especially outside the agricultural sector, in the maintenance and construction of parks, excavation works in the construction industry or maintenance of nature-areas, tractors are indispensable. One problem, however, is that a lot of work is done with different machines. Most tractors are suitable for one kind of work. And certainly for the more small-scale assignments, the well-known tractors are simply too big. Consequently, companies in the green sector are stockpiling expensive machines that are used occasionally. That’s a pity, because also unused machines cost money, don’t make you money, and do not care for themselves.

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