TfL Urge Construction Sites to Stagger Journeys on the public transport network in East London to aid Social Distancing


To aid social distancing for those who do need to travel, TfL continues to run as many services as possible on the public transport network and has an enhanced cleaning regime in place to help keep everyone safe. 

However, from 06:00 to 08:00, there are some busy locations at the east end of the TfL network, including on the Jubilee line and at interchanges with national rail, DLR and Overground services.

We would appreciate your help with managing this demand to support social distancing and help ensure the safety of our workforce and others travelling on the network by:

1.     Staggering shifts and/or changing operating hours to help the workforce avoid travelling during the busiest times on the network (06:00 to 08:00). Working with local planning authorities to change site operating hours further if necessary;

2.     Coordinating with neighbouring major sites to stagger operating times or workers’ shift times, to reduce the overall numbers using local public transport stations and services during the busiest times; and

3.     Allocating those shifts starting and finishing around peak travel times (05:45 to 08:15 and 16:00 to 17:30) for workers who can walk or cycle to and from work.


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