USD$ 10m circular economy challenge on tailings solutions for BHP tailings


This technical challenge was formally launched on 16th June and is being managed by the Open Innovation Programme, Expande – Fundacion Chile, which is a Private-public entity in charge of providing innovative solutions to the mining sector in Chile.

FCH looks for innovative companies, startups, consortia, research centres and universities from around the world, which are able to develop solutions to convert mining waste into valuable products.  FCH is currently identifying UK companies/academia that have waste management and circular economy capabilities, ideally on tailings issues.

BHP aims to make progress in the reduction and recycling of industrial waste. It has developed specific guidelines for the efficient use of all the resources used in their operations and the protection of biodiversity in the places it operates. Also, it wants to contribute to a more sustainable economy where there is an extension in the use of resources.

In that context and with the support of Fundacion Chile, through its open innovation program EXPANDE, BHP has launched “BHP Tailings Challenge”, a new initiative that seeks to promote the development of innovative solutions for repurposing copper tailings.

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