Construction Talent Retention Scheme set to launch


The Chancellor of the Exchequer, Rishi Sunak, this week announced the launch of the Construction Talent Retention Scheme, a partnership between the Government and industry to secure essential talent in the UK construction sector.

The Construction Talent Retention Scheme, to formally launch later this month, will be an online portal that supports redeployment of staff at risk of redundancy across the sector, while also enabling temporary employee loans between businesses. The Scheme gives displaced workers from other sectors a route to find new employment in construction and the construction equipment sectors.

Construction Leadership Council (CLC) co-chair Andy Mitchell added: “This is a great example of what we can achieve when we work collaboratively with Government and we look forward to continuing in this spirit when the proposals and recommendations of our broader Roadmap to Recovery are published. In the meantime, we will work with our members and industry stakeholders to encourage the scheme’s use and success.”

Association for Consultancy & Engineering (ACE) chief executive Hannah Vickers said: “This is a proven solution with a strong track-record in other sectors, cross-industry support and pledges from our leading employers. It is vital we keep the skills in our sector to avoid a talent drain and is the only way we will be able to ramp-up activity to lead the recovery of the wider economy and deliver growth through new buildings and infrastructure.”

Group chief executive of Mace, and skills workstream lead at the Construction Leadership Council, Mark Reynolds, said: “The CLC’s Construction Talent Retention Scheme will offer a critical lifeline for the construction industry, it will help the industry retain and share our exceptional talent needed to deliver vital infrastructure and support the country’s recovery plan. The scheme is a great example of Government and industry collaboration during these challenging times for the construction sector. We are delighted to support the initiative as a real solution to protecting employment for thousands in our industry, continuing to build a better future.”

Rob Oliver, chief executive, CEA (Construction Equipment Association) said, Whilst the Chancellor’s statement was primarily aimed at other sectors of the economy, the Construction Talent Retention Scheme could prove to be helpful. It is important that we retain the skills needed to power the “Project Speed” aspiration of the Prime Minister to turbocharge infrastructure investment. Of course, construction projects can’t be turned on like a light switch, and the construction equipment community has genuine concerns about how soon their markets will recover.

In our last snapshot survey of members, the majority of respondents felt that there wouldn’t be a significant return to better business until the first half of next year. It’s unlikely that the £1,000 per person “gold star” for preserving furloughed workers’ jobs into 2021 will prevent more jobs from being lost. It is becoming increasingly urgent for the government to examine what can be done to better protect manufacturing interests and we are happy to work with them on this.”

The not-for-profit programme now has funding secured until the end of the financial year, providing a free online platform for any organisation looking to hire, while ensuring that candidates’ skills and experience are given a prominent platform within the industry.

Businesses can register their interest in the scheme at:



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