Discounts on training courses in Engineering skills for CEA members


The National Fluid Power Centre (NFPC) in Worksop is a training provider and is currently offering discounts of over 20% on its courses in January for other CEA members. During the pandemic, the NFPC has developed a new training model to deliver courses via webinars, which have received excellent reviews.

Discounts are currently being offered on the Stage 1 Hydraulics course during w/c 25th January. The link below provides further details and information on how to book courses.

The NFPC offers training courses across a range of engineering subjects relevant to our industry including hydraulics, pneumatics, and electronics. If you are interested in training in any of these subjects and want further information, please contact the NFPC and talk to them about your training needs. A recommended approach is to encourage staff to take the free online self-assessment of training needs on the NFPC website:

Below is a link to the latest update.

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