Liberty Group consolidates expansion plans with £6.5M deal for Boss Cabins Welfare


Liberty Group is set to consolidate its position as the UK’s largest and fastest-growing independently-owned welfare hire supplier, having just signed a new deal with Boss Cabins to supply nearly £6.5m of mobile units in a move that will double the company’s welfare fleet.

The new order will support Liberty Group’s dynamic expansion plans which include opening at least another four depots nationwide to further extend their reach across the UK.

Lincolnshire-based manufacturer Boss Cabins will be supplying a mix of Canteen and Canteen/Office anti-vandal units catering for between 7 up to 20 users, including some models new to Liberty Group’s fleet. All are fitted with energy-saving low-emission Eco electrical systems and solar harvesting technology while some units also incorporate twin toilets and separate drying rooms.

Boss Cabins’ Managing Director, Matthew Wordsworth, said: “It means a lot to us that a demanding and forward-thinking company like Liberty Guard has once again chosen us as supplier to support their expansion plans going forward.

“We look forward to working with Alex and his team over the coming years to keep them at the forefront of an exciting and ever-changing welfare hire market with new products and innovations while always retaining our highest standards of safety, reliability, build quality, performance and ease-of-use.”

Gordon Jones, Chairman of Liberty Group, commented on the company’s expansion plans: “During the last two years, we at Liberty Guard have been confident in our determination to grow and expand our exposure in the welfare hire business throughout the UK.

“Despite the uncertainty of a General Election together with the Brexit Vote, we remained focussed on our decision to grow by introducing additional depots strategically positioned to offer a quality service to our expanding customer base.

“Although growing our hire fleet and positioning new depots was one thing, it was also vital to introduce and improve our internal operations team in order to maintain and develop a high level of service to our valued customers.

“This has been a great success and therefore future plans to continue to increase our welfare business in association with Boss Cabins are set in place for the foreseeable future.

“We also plan to increase our Effluent division by introducing further vehicles with the aim to offer this service alongside our hire fleet units throughout the UK and Northern Ireland.”

The first units of this order will be delivered early in 2021 and they will be distributed to all of Liberty Group’s 12 depots around the UK.


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