P S Bracewell wins more work with an Engcon tiltrotator


Telford-based landscaping business, P S Bracewell, is winning more excavation jobs with an Engcon tiltrotator.

A tiltrotator greatly reduces the need to reposition an excavator, thus speeding up the job. Complex shapes can be created from fewer digging positions and the need for groundworkers is often eliminated.  The concept, which is relatively new to the UK but virtually standard in Scandinavia, usually results in huge leaps in operator productivity.

P S Bracewell, which invested in the tiltrotator to improve speed and efficiency on site, has found that is giving them the edge when competing for work.

Philip Bracewell, Managing Director at P S Bracewell, says: “I first heard about tiltrotators about a year ago watching videos online.  I chose to have a demo with Engcon because they seemed the best and most well established tiltrotator company in the UK, and it really opened my eyes.

“Since investing in a tilty for my Takeuchi TB260, our speed and efficiency is through the roof. You really notice a difference when you’re sat in one position and can do a whole job from there, with no need to do loads of reinstatement once you’re done. It gives us an edge when it comes to winning work in tight-spaces or where minimum disruption is required.

“I have to say it generates a lot of interest as well, people just stand there and watch us work. We actually won a job in Oxbridge doing a pond because the client saw us working on another job and was so impressed with the range of mobility we had!”

Engcon is, by a significant margin, the largest tiltrotator manufacturer in the world and, in the UK, operates a complete customer resource centre offering sales, service, fitting, repair and training. To book your test drive, call 01684 297168 or email uk@engcon.com.


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