The Rockhit! A new hydraulic breaker from Webster Technologies


When it comes to innovation design engineers Webster Technologies continues to demonstrate resilience by tapping into local networks and resources, a combination of shrewd changes in its business model, and an unwavering focus on innovation through the design and development of new products.

The company’s latest offering is a game-changing hydraulic breaker, The Rockhit with high performance and reduced environmental impact.   Funding from the UK government innovation agency together with significant self-funding has enabled the vision to become a reality with its soft launch plans for the UK.

Belinda Naylor, Business Development Manager said “Hydraulic breakers are a very important tool on job sites. They’re a real work-horse but very noisy.  High Productivity is paramount in helping achieve project budgets that are constantly under pressure – you only need to look at the financial challenges associated with delivering some of the huge infrastructure projects like Hinkley Point and HS2.

Belinda added, “The Rockhit has over three times the energy of a conventional breaker and doesn’t need to hit as frequently so the noise is much more tolerable.  It also uses less fuel and doesn’t need to be constantly greased – in a nutshell, our innovation ticks the box for helping our customers to achieve more with less.”

In addition to the global presence of Webster designs, (Webster has been selected as one of the regions Export Champions by the DIT) the company is keen to embrace all the assets Sheffield City Region has to offer.

“We have some fantastic resources right here in Sheffield including AMRC, Nprime, and Sheffield City Region Growth Hub.   As a fellow SME,  NPrime understands our challenges, they share our drive for innovation and we have developed a real spirit of collaboration. Their approach, excellent facilities and knowledge has been invaluable in helping Webster test and measure the performance of our new product.

The Sheffield Growth Hub has also been a fantastic support – we have taken advantage of several initiatives including the most recent Growth Hub Scale-up initiative – this has really helped by providing practical support and peer learning to develop our growth strategy.” Said Belinda

So what’s next?

Continuing the theme of local engagement, Webster is seeking projects in the Sheffield City Region to demonstrate its new breaker.  Belinda concluded, “The region has some really exciting construction projects and while we are exploring opportunities outside the region; we have already caught the interest of Highways England, it would be great to see our new product put to work in the Sheffield City region”

If you’re interested in a demonstration, please contact Belinda Naylor

Product Video link:

*The Scale Up initiative is a business growth programme, developed and delivered by the Sheffield University Management School; Sheffield Business School, Sheffield Hallam University; and the Sheffield City Region Growth Hub.

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